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Corporate Etiquette

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A one-day programme for executives and professionals helping them to understand and implement globally accepted forms of business etiquette and behaviour. The programme is designed to encourage participants to display and understand how their behaviour on the international stage portrays how they are perceived by the wider business community.

Over the course of the day, the programme covers areas such as avoiding embarrassing mistakes, conducting effective meetings, introducing and interacting with international colleagues and foreign clients.  Participants will leave the course with a good foundation in business etiquette and the ability to understand how to make a lasting impression in business.

Training Modules

  • Handshakes
  • Introductions
  • Business card etiquette
  • Managing oneself during business meetings
  • Behaviour at workplace
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Video conferencing etiquette
  • Cubicle etiquette
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Dining etiquette – quick tips
  • Cafeteria etiquette
  • Waiting room etiquette
  • Business travel etiquette
  • Washroom etiquette
  • Interacting with the opposite gender
  • Networking and socializing at official get-togethers
  • Social media etiquette
  • Appropriate body language for a powerful presence
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