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Campus to Corporate

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A one-day programme for the new joiners of the organization who are in the process of transitioning from college life to corporate life.

The aim of this programme is to equip them with skills so that they can go about the work that is assigned to them with confidence, by understand the finer nuances and mechanisms of the corporate world. They will be able to take charge of their career by understanding what is expected from them.

Training Modules

  • Projecting an appropriate, authentic and desired image through clothing and grooming, and create a favourable first impression in the mind of all stakeholders at workplace
  • Identify the cues produced by the body and how to efficiently use body language and etiquette to interact and manage self and relationships at workplace
  • Communicating effectively through proper understanding and use of verbal and vocal communication to achieve the desired results
  • Maintaining professional conduct and work ethics at all times
  • Power of self belief and self motivation
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