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Communicating for Impact

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A two-day programme for professionals at all levels of the corporate ladder.  The programme focuses on understanding how to communicate effectively.  Effective communication is crucial in the very competitive environment that is today’s modern workplace.

The programme covers how to communicate across different cultures and seniority levels. How understanding the best way to formulate and present new ideas, concepts and proposals in a successful manner gains the trust of stakeholders and clients. Also covered on the programme is leading successful discussions and meetings and the importance of projecting yourself in a confident manner.

Training Modules

  • Understand difference between communication and business communication
  • Understand strategic importance of business communication
  • Identify barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Develop effective listening and responding skills
  • Understand non verbal communication and its impact.
  • Adopt appropriate non verbal communication at work.
  • Understand how to conduct oneself in business meetings, teleconferences and video-conferences
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